AT-03 ​Aircraft Global Positioning System Trainer

GPS has become an indispensable aid for airborne, land and marine navigation. Correct usage and effective maintenance of GPS equipment require a good knowledge of GPS principles, operation and equipment circuitry.The GPS trainer provides in-depth knowledge and hands-on experience to maintain and troubleshoot GPS equipment. A fault panel lets the instructor insert commonly encountered faults so that trainees can learn how to troubleshoot and repair the GPS equipment in actual situations.

The GPS Trainer equipment consists of a panel mounted IFR-approved GPS receiver, a GPS antenna, and a GPS signal simulator. A simulator for altitude input is included to provide full navigation and operational capabilities. Optional system components may be added and interfaced to the system which increase its features and capabilities. Some of these optional components include an external course deviation indicator (CDI) or horizontal situation indicator (HSI), autopilot, and external annunciators.

Typically, an altitude input, an external indicator, and external annunciators are required for IFR approach certification.Altitude is used as an aid in position determination when not enough satellites are in view.

The panel mounted GPS receiver unit contains the GPS sensor,the navigation computer, a Gas Plasma Discharge Display, and all controls required to operate the unit. It also includes the data base card which slides into the front panel.

The GPS “patch” antenna is also installed. The GPS unit has outputs to drive the left-right deviation bar of the CDI and HSI.In addition, the NAV mode of the flight control systems may be coupled to the GPS receiver.

All IFR installations require remote annunciators to be mounted in the aircraft panel in order to select and indicate the status of certain functions. En route and terminal IFR certifications require annunciators for message (    (MSG) and waypoint alert (WPT). Non-precision approach certifications also require a switch / annunciator to select and display when the approach mode is armed or active.


GPS Functional Features:

  • Panel-mount IFR GPS capable of performing GPS approaches
  • Easy-to-read map display
  • Comprehensive Jeppesen database
  • Eight-channel parallel GPS receiver
  • “Direct-To” feature for easy navigation
  • Altitude input for increased accuracy
  • Can be interfaced to external CDI or HSI, RMI, fuel management system, external moving map display, and air data system
  • Operates on any voltage 11-33Vdc
  • Front-loading database card available in four options - Americas North covering USA, Canada, Latin America; Americas South covering USA, Latin America, South America; Atlantic International and Pacific Intl. database
  • Database can store up to 500 user-defined waypoints along with user comments for up to 200 airports
  • Capable of B-RNAV compliance for Europe
  • The GPS Simulator is a one channel, single-frequency (L1) GPS signal generator. The signal generator consists of an RF part that generates the carrier frequency, and BPSK modulates it with the C/A code and navigation signal, which is produced by the digital part of the signal generator. The digital part generates the C/A code and its modulation with a given bit pattern. The navigation data is generated by an external unit and is provided to the unit by a serial line. The serial interface protocol, connected to a computer, can be used to set the PRN number used and to control the signal strength.

GPS Simulator Features:

  • RF Output GPS L1 (1575.42 MHz)
  • C/A Codes Gold Codes 1- 1023
  • Data format 50 bits/s, GPS frame structure
  • Ultra-high frequency stability
  • Option to include different oscillators
  • Frequency adjustment range 1575.42 MHz +/- 1 kHz
  • Signal Power -175dBm - 75dBm
  • 2 dB control resolution

The system has built-in provisions for the following digital data inputs:
  • Altitude (Gray Code)
  • Air Data Computer
  • Fuel Management System
  • Heading

The GPS Trainer includes computer interface to upload a GPS database for various regions in the world.

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