AT-11 ​Aircraft ADI & HSI System Trainer

All modern military and commercial aircraft are equipped with autopilots for automatic flight control, and Horizontal Situation Indicator (HSI) for navigational information presentation to the pilot. The Attitude Director Indicator (ADI) provides a consolidated and easy-to-read display of aircraft roll and pitch attitudes and command bugs. The Horizontal Situation Indicator (HSI) to provide a consolidated display to a pilot for more efficient cockpit resource management. The HSI and ADI are found in every modern commercial aircraft. Model AT-11 Aircraft AHRS & HSI System Trainer is designed to provide hands-on training on a real and operational equipment approved for aircraft installation.The equipment is mounted on a mobile workstation containing Horizontal Situation Indicator, with bootstrap Directional Gyro,Flux Valve, Slaving Accessory, ADI, and a simulator box to generate all other required signals needed by the system. All wire harnesses are routed through terminal strips to enable students to measure and monitor electrical signals, and to troubleshoot the instructorinduced faults. Aircraft quality electrical wiring, cables, connectors,and harness assemblies are installed. All interconnections are of aircraft quality electrical shielded wiring, cables, connectors, and harnesses. The workstation includes a test panel console for testing HSI System equipment.

Using Model AT-11, Avionics Instructors can effectively teach students on installing, removing, and testing a complete ADI and HSI system. Students will develop a proper understanding and learn how to troubleshoot the equipment. The trainer also acts as a teaching aid for demonstration of directional and vertical gyros.

Functional Description:

Remote mounted compass system consisting of Pictorial Navigation Indicator, Remote Directional Gyro,Magnetic Azimuth Transmitter, simulated NAV signals unit, and Slaving Accessory. The ADI system comprises of vacuum driven attitude gyros, and simulated autopilot deviation signal unit.The HSI provides a pictorial display of the horizontal navigation situation and also provides manual controls for course and heading datum selection. The HSI also provides outputs for autopilot or flight director,VOR receivers, and additional compass loads. Magnetic Heading and course information from VOR/LOC, and GPS is combined on the HSI. It includes dual glide-slope pointers which are in view during a simulated ILS approach.



  • Installed units are actual aircraft equipment
  • Durable, metal frame with sturdy casters
  • Control Yoke operated roll, pitch, and yaw simulation
  • Interface with AT-01 & APT-04 trainers
  • CBT included
  • Fault insertion module
  • Simulated NAV inputs

Computer Based Training:

Model AT-11 can be supplied with CBT covering the relevant topics, for an additional cost.

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