​APT-03 Aircraft Autopilot System Trainer

The Model APT-03 Autopilot Trainer is based on a Century 2000 Autopilot. It has a modular design. It may be installed and operated as a roll axis only autopilot, roll and pitch axis, or a roll, pitch, and yaw axis autopilot. The complete Century 2000 is a true 3-axes, flight director/autopilot. The advanced design provides very smooth and precise corrections in aircraft attitude.The flexible design provides the economy of expandability.

Model APT-03 Standard - Roll Axis Control

The complete roll axis autopilot features continuous roll/NAV/voltage monitors, heading hold, heading select, NAV, (VOR/RNAV)/LOC/BC anticipative intercept and track automatic soft track, about 45° intercept and all angle intercept with HSI.

Option 1: Yaw Damper

The Yaw Damper is a sub-system that enhances directional stability by reducing short-term oscillations in the yaw axis,therefore enhancing passenger comfort. In addition, it maintains coordinated flight during turns. The yaw damper is activated with autopilot engagement but may be operated independently. This expansion may be added to any package.

Option 2: Pitch Control

Pitch expansion adds altitude hold, attitude command, electronic altitude hold, G/S capture and track, proportional pitch trim, control wheel steering, continuous pitch/GS monitors, and automatic pitch synchronization to the existing roll section. The pitch axis comes complete with altitude hold, glide-slope grabber circuit, capability for altitude pre-select, automatic and manual electric trim, all certified to the safest standards.

Option 3: Flight Director

The flight director expansion computes the necessary roll and pitch attitudes needed to intercept and maintain headings, courses, attitudes, and altitudes. These computations are then displayed through the flight director horizon as steering commands, greatly simplifying instrument flight.

Fault Simulation:

Instructor’s panel is provided to insert simulated faults in the system for troubleshooting training.


System Components:

(System configuration depends upon selected options)
  • Attitude Indicator / Flight Director
  • Directional Gyro/Indicator
  • Roll Servo
  • Autopilot Computer/Control Unit
  • Autopilot Annunciator
  • Yaw Servo
  • Pitch Servo
  • Rate of Climb Indicator
  • Moveable Control Surfaces
  • Turn & Slip Indicator
  • Altitude Pre-selector
  • Altitude Sensor

Power Requirements:

Model APT-03 operates from either 110V / 60 Hz or 220V / 50 Hz mains power.

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