AT-31 Aircraft Communication Trainer

Model AT-31 Aircraft Communication Systems Trainer is designed to provide hands-on training on a real and operational equipment approved for aircraft installation. The equipment is mounted on a mobile workstation containing aircraft VHF and HF communication transceivers and antennas. All interconnections are of aircraft quality electrical shielded wiring, cables, connectors, and harnesses. The workstation includes a test panel console for bench testing of COMM electronics.

Using Model AT-31, Avionics Instructors can effectively teach students on installing, removing, and testing using live radios and antennas. Students develop proper understanding and learn to troubleshoot the COMM System.


  • Durable, steel frame, Vertical standing panel with sturdy casters
  • Wood shelf
  • Accessories storage case
  • Adjustable height equipment panels
  • Adjustable height test panel
  • Avionics panel, complete with Bendix-King VHF and HF Radios
  • Microphone and phone jacks

Installed Systems:

  • VHF Transceiver
  • VHF Antenna
  • HF Transceiver
  • HF Antenna Coupler
  • HF Antenna
  • Audio Panel
  • Intercom


Metering is provided by a panel mounted digital meter. The meter switch selects the following inputs:
  • DC Volts
  • Tx/Rx Amps
  • RMS (speaker channel)
  • RMS (phone channel)
  • RMS (aux audio)

Test Point & Switches:

The Test Panel has Breakout Jacks for access to a variety of signals and functions. The test panel provides the following common test points and switches.
  • Metering of the supply voltage and current draw
  • Microphone input (with mike test function for testing pilot’s mike)
  • Key Switch & Lamp
  • Panel speaker (monitors speaker or phone/interphone channels)
  • Squelch control and Disable
  • Tuning Lamp Indicator
  • Serial or Parallel controller selection
  • Headphone Output Jack (monitors phone/interphone & aux audio channels)
  • Test Point Jacks for - Audio (microphone, audio Comm input), Audio (mike intercom audio input),Audio (Comm audio out), Audio (sidetone / aux audio out), Audio (speaker audio).


  • Technical Reference Manuals
  • Students’ Manual
  • Wiring diagram


Computer Based Training:

Model AT-31 can be supplied with CBT covering the relevant topics, fo an  additional cost.

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