AT-06 ​Aircraft Data Bus Trainer

AeroTrain’s Model AT-06 ARINC 429 Trainer is complete and comprehensive equipment to prepare aircraft maintenance engineers and avionics engineers to understand and maintain modern aircraft. ARINC standards are used on virtually all commercial aircraft. ARINC specifications define the standard for transfer of digital data between avionics system elements.The ARINC 429 specification describes how an avionics system transmits information over the unidirectional data bus to other system elements.



Model AT-06 ARINC 429 Trainer simulates ARINC 429 signals at two speeds (12.5 Kbps and 100 Kbps). Words are 32 bits long including a label, parity bit and other fields. The ARINC 429 data words define the units, ranges, resolutions,refresh rates, number of significant bits, pad bits, etc. for the words transmitted by the different avionics system elements.Model AT-06 simulates a variety of avionics equipment including VOR, DME, ILS, ADF, AHRS, Radio Altimeter,INS, FMS, Weather Radar, and Engine parameters.

The software installed on the trainer is an intuitive, graphical data bus analyzer that simplifies the simulation of ARINC 429-based avionics systems. The user-friendly MS Windows-based interfaces allow transmission and reception on ARINC 429 data buses with just a few clicks of the mouse. Then, while the bus is running, data and bus activity can be observed in meaningful engineering units, and can be changed on the fly. The use of Model AT-06 does not require programming expertise, and trainees do not need to write software programs. All they need to do is consult the comprehensive training manual provided with the trainer, to understand the various menu options.

A very powerful and useful feature of Model AT-06 allows users to define or view information through virtual instruments, strip charts or map displays on the monitor screen. The software playback capability allows the reruns of the data stream to facilitate the instructors and trainees to take a detailed look at the data flow.

Project, data, and hardware configurations may be saved in files and can be reopened. This facility allows the instructors to create various scenarios just once, and use it repeatedly with new students. Students can save unfinished work to later continue from where they had left off.


The hardware utilizes a rack-mount PC, 17-inch LCD TFT monitor, ARINC 429 interface, laser printer, instructor’s panel, patch panel, and power supply unit. The equipment is installed in two 19-inch racks of 18U height.

Training Bench:

The ARINC Trainer hardware along with the instructor panel (to insert simulated faults) is mounted on two 19- inch racks. These racks are mounted on a bench top. The equipment is operated from the front panels and the access to the equipment for maintenance is through the rear doors of the equipment racks. The front panels provide access points for signal measurement and troubleshooting training. Model AT-06 design provides option for upgrading the trainer bench to a fully operational EFIS trainer/simulator just by adding a third rack containing EFIS equipment.


The software works under Windows XP or newer to simulate ARINC channels. The software allows the following primary functions:
  • Setup of the ARINC channel
  • Setup of labels, label properties, and transmit schedule
  • Create various simulated data sets to be transmitted on the ARINC channels.
  • Allow real time recording of the signal activity on the ARINC data bus.
  • Set up display options
  • Set up display filters
  • Complete and selective data capture
  • Export of the recorded ARINC data to Microsoft Excel work sheet.
  • Printing of recorded ARINC data.
  • Options for data presentation in various display formats.
  • Display the ARINC data as strip chart.
  • Display data through virtual instruments on monitor screen.
  • Display the ARINC data in a tabular form.

Instructor Panel:

The instructor panel allows insertion of faults in the electrical interconnect system for the purpose of simulation. These faults are generated using toggle switches. These fault switches create faults by altering impedance of the ARINC channels, by creating open circuits, and by sinking the signal to ground.

Power Supply:

The test bench is powered by 110/220 VAC power source. This power source is further distributed to power the individual equipment. Circuit breakers provide protection to each independent load.

MIL-STD-1553 Bus Option:

Model AT-06A has additional features to provide training on MIL-STD-1553 data bus, besides ARINC 429 training.


The trainer is supplied with comprehensive documentation that includes:
  • Students’ Training Manual
  • ARINC 429 Specifications
  • Software Manual
  • System Wiring Diagram
  • Instructor’s Resource Kit


Optional Items

Computer-Based Training (CBT)

The Model AT-06 can be supplied with CBT that covers relevant topics for an additional cost

ARINC 429 Test Set

The trainer may be supplied with a standard handheld ARINC 429 Test Set used in the airline industry. This option is intended to give the students an idea how to use a handheld data bus tester to troubleshoot modern avionics equipment.

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