​IT-02 Aircraft Electronic Flight Instrument System Trainer

Almost all the new generation commercial and military aircraft utilize electronic displays in the cockpit.Electronic Flight Instrument System (EFIS) is the essential component of ‘Glass Cockpit’. ARINC 429 is one of the most widely used avionics data interface standards. It has been installed on many commercial passenger and transport aircraft including Airbus A310/A320 and A330/A340, Bell Helicopters,Boeing 727, 737, 747, 757, 767 and McDonnell Douglas MD-11.

Training imparted on an ARINC 429-based EFIS will prepare the students to easily understand other EFIS based on other versions of commercial and military avionics data busses. Avitek’s EFIS Trainer model IT-02 has been designed to enable avionics students to understand a typical digital bus EFIS system, and to perform maintenance and troubleshooting tasks that are typically encountered by avionics maintenance personnel.

The EFIS Trainer is based on Honeywell EFS 40 and consists of: Two Display Units, a Symbol Generator,a Control Unit, a Signal Simulator, and an Instructor’s Panel.

Electronic displays are multi mode with ADI, HIS and Map modes. Map mode allows for superposition of Weather Radar data and sector display.

The fault panel allows for the simulation of typical aircraft EFIS installation faults including sensor feed faults (from simulator panel). The faults are easy to select but not apparent to the student. A numbered switch panel or patching panel with cover is provided.

The system is powered by 28VDC. Maintenance manuals are supplied for all the equipment. Interconnect diagrams and panel circuit and layout diagrams are also provided. Wiring harnesses in the trainer are representative of aircraft standards in hardware and wiring / looming techniques.

The manuals supplied with the trainer facilitate the students in performing Interconnect Checkout, Functional Checks, and Troubleshooting. All interconnection are by ARINC429. All aircraft system components are approved to FAA TSO standards or approved by STC for installation in at least one aircraft type. The signal simulator supplied with test panels, patching panels, harnesses, computer controlled simulator and means of navigation data entry so as to allow demonstration of typical dynamic displays and full testing of system. A commercially available test set or, alternatively, a custom-built 19 inch panel is supplied.

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