AS-70-5 Pitot-Static Maintenance Practice Trainer


AeroTrain’s Model AS-70-5 Pitot-Static Maintenance Practice Trainer is designed for providing hands-on training to the students.


The pitot-static lines and fittings installation trainer provides hands on training to the students for inspection, removal and installation procedures for a pitot-static instrument system. The trainer also provides training for pitot and static system testing using standard pitot static test set. 
An air speed indicator, an altimeter and a vertical speed indicator along with a pitot  tube and two static port are installed on the trainer panel. A pneumatic switch allows selection between the main and alternate static port. Further the selected static port can be connected to the pitot static tester using standard AN fitting.

Tools and Supplies included with the Trainer

All the tools required for working on the trainer are provided along with adequate supplies that would allow students to tasks given in the task sheets. Additional supplies if required may be ordered.


Training Manual is provided with Job Sheets for hands-on training of the students for the trainer panel.

Computer Based Training (CBT)

The trainer is supplied with CBT covering relevant topics. The CBT contents are in accordance with Federal Aviation Authority (FAA) AC 43.13 and also cover the relevant topics of European Aviation Safety Agency (EASA) Part 66 Module 7.


Training Panels: 30 x 30 inches work area, 0.125 inch thick, Aluminum

Weight : Less than 200 pounds

The training panel is mounted on a 36 or 46 inch wide commercially available tool cabinet (subject to availability).

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