AT-20 ​Aircraft Navigation / Communication Trainer

Model AT-20 Navigation and Communication Systems Trainer is designed to provide hands-on training on a real and operational equipment approved for aircraft installation. The equipment is mounted on a mobile workstation containing aircraft navigation/communication electronics radio, indicator, plus two easily removable COMM antenna and the NAV antenna assemblies. All interconnections are of aircraft quality electrical shielded wiring, cables, connectors, and harnesses. The workstation includes a test panel console for bench testing of NAV/COM electronics.

Using Model AT-20, Avionics Instructors can effectively teach students on installing, removing, and testing using live radios and antennas. Students develop proper understanding and learn to troubleshoot the NAV/COM System.


  • Durable, steel frame, Vertical standing panel with sturdy casters
  • Wood shelf
  • Accessories storage case
  • Adjustable height equipment panels
  • Adjustable height test panel
  • Avionics panel, complete with Allied Signal KX 155 with Indicator
  • Microphone and phone jacks
  • Installation and mounting kit


Metering is provided by a panel mounted digital meter. The meter switch selects the following inputs:
  • DC Volts
  • Tx/Rx Amps
  • IND Amps
  • RMS (speaker channel)
  • RMS (phone channel)
  • RMS (aux audio)
  • NAV FLAG (0 to 5 - 1K meter loads)
  • NAV DEVIATION (0 to 5 - 1K meter loads)
  • GLIDE SLOPE FLAG (0 to 5 - 1K meter loads)
  • GLIDE SLOPE DEVIATION (0 to 5 - 1K meter loads)
  • TO-FROM FLAG (200 ohm meter load)
The panel has 56 Breakout Jacks for access to a variety of signals and functions.

Communication section provides the following common test points and switches.
  • Metering of the supply voltage and current draw
  • Microphone input (with mic test function for testing pilot’s microphone).
  • Key Switch & Lamp Panel speaker (monitors speaker or phone/interphone channels)
  • Squelch control and Disable
  • Tuning Lamp Indicator
  • Serial or Parallel controller selection
  • Headphone Output Jack (monitors phone/interphone & aux audio channels)
  • Test Point Jacks for - Audio (mic audio Comm input), Audio (mic intercom audio input), Audio (Comm audio out), Audio (sidetone / aux audio out), Audio (speaker audio).


  • Technical Reference Manuals
  • Students’ Manual
  • Wiring diagram


Our Models AT-20, AT-21, AT-22, and AT-23 can be interconnected for enhanced training features covering the integration of various avionics equipment in aircraft cockpit.

Computer Based Training:

Model AT-20 can be supplied with CBT covering the relevant topics, for an additional cost.


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