AT-12 ​Aircraft Radio Altimeter System Trainer

AeroTrain Model AT-12 Aircraft Radio Altimeter System Trainer is a fully functional radio altimeter system comprising of actual airborne avionics equipment. The terms ‘Radio Altimeter’ and ‘Radar Altimeter’ are used interchangeably and essentially mean the same. They are also abbreviated as “Rad. Alt.” in avionics terminology.

The Model AT-12 Radio Altimeter System Trainer is comprised of the following items:
  • Bench-mounted mobile workstation
  • Radio Altimeter Transmitter/Receiver
  • Radio Height Indicator
  • Radio Altimeter Tx and Rx Antennas
  • Test Set
  • Test Set Antenna Couplers, qty. 2 (Tx and Rx)
  • Power Supply
  • All necessary wiring harnesses


The Model AT-12 is supplied with:
  • Students’ Lab-sheet
  • Instructor’s Manual
  • Training Manual
  • Wiring Diagram



  • Solid-state Radio Altimeter Receiver/ Transmitter Unit (FMCW Modulation)
  • Operates on 28 volt DC power
  • Has serial digital output for use by other avionics equipment like FMS and Autopilots
  • Digital altitude processor for long, drift-free operation
  • Rugged, die-cast construction of the Receiver/Transmitter Unit
  • Radio Altitude Indicator
  • Adjustable Decision Height function provided to alert pilot via lamp and aural tone that the aircraft has descended to a selected altitude
  • Self test to enable rapid verification of proper system function
  • Standard radio altimeter antenna used in general aviation aircraft
  • Aircraft on Ground simulation
  • Aircraft in the air simulation
  • Fixed, linear variable, and flight profile altitude simulation
  • Parametric testing functions

Computer Based Training (CBT):

The model AT-12 can supplied with a CBT package for an additional cost. The CBT package allows up to 30 perpetual licenses without any license renewal fees.

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