AT-22 ​Aircraft Transponder System Trainer

Model AT-22 Aircraft Transponder System Trainer is designed to provide hands-on training on a real and operational equipment approved for aircraft installation. The equipment is mounted on a mobile workstation containing aircraft transponder unit,built-in indicator, and transponder antenna assembly. Aircraft quality electrical shielded wiring, cables, connectors, and harness assemblies and easily removable transponder antenna with coaxial cable connections. All interconnections are of aircraft quality electrical shielded wiring, cables, connectors,and harnesses. The workstation includes a test panel console for bench testing of transponder electronics.

Using Model AT-22, Avionics Instructors can effectively teach students on installing, removing, and testing a transponder unit.Students also develop proper understanding and learn how to troubleshoot the Airborne Transponder System.


  • Durable, steel frame, Vertical standing panel with sturdy casters
  • Wood shelf
  • Accessories storage case
  • Adjustable height equipment panels
  • Adjustable height test panel
  • Avionics panel complete with Honeywell KT76A with built-in Indicator
  • Power Supply with voltage and current meters, power cord
  • Installation and mounting kit
  • Aircraft Antenna mounted on rotating mechanism


Test Panel Specifications:

  • 3 1/2 digit Meter Monitors voltage or current to unit under test selected by meter switch AC & DC Power Fuses to check unit under test power requirements for fuse size. Panels supplied with 5 amp fuse.
  • STBY-OFF switch STBY position applies power to panel and transponder in standby.
  • ON-STBY switch: ON position powers up transponder.
  • 14VDC/28VDC switch: Selects operation voltage of unit under test.
  • REPLY SENSE pot: Adjust brightness of reply lamp, see note sheet for unit under test.
  • REPLY LAMP: Uses lamp type number 338.
  • LO SENSE/OFF switch: Selects units' lo-sense operation when available.
  • A TEST/OFF switch selects A mode self test when available.
  • GROUND/AIR switch disables reply when in ground position.
  • C TEST/OFF switch Select C mode self test when available.
  • IDENT/OFF switch selects IDENT mode.
  • Four MODE/OFF switches (Modes A,B, C, and D)
  • Encoding Thumbwheel to set the A mode code.
  • Encoding Toggle switches to set each A mode & C mode code bit.
  • Test Points to monitor various signals

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