AE-33-700 Aircraft Turbine Engine Trainer

Model AE-33-700 is a runnable GE CF700 low bypass turbofan engine mounted on a mobile test stand with anchoring points. The engine can be operated with the help of a control console and instruments panel. The trainer is supplied with all associated systems, instruments,and accessories that are needed for its operation. A safety barrier protects the engine intake area to avoid any accidents.

The trainer consists of:

  • Runnable CF700 Aircraft Turbine Engine
  • Engine Stand
  • Safety Barrier with Interlocks
  • Engine Instrument Panel
  • Oil System
  • Engine Electrical System

The runnable engine can be operated like it is operated on the aircraft during the ground runs over its operating range of rpm as specified by the engine manufacturer for ground operations.

The runnable engine stand is mounted on casters which allows mobility for easy positioning of the engine.However, the stand must be securely attached to anchoring points prior to operation. Engine ignition and starting system is included, as well as the oil, fuel and electrical system are representative of typical aircraft systems.


Engine Specifications:

  • Fan/Compressor Stages: 1/8
  • Core / Power Turbine Stages: 2/1
  • Max Diameter (Inches): 33
  • Length (Inches): 75.5
  • Dry Weight (Lbs.): 725 - 737
  • Specific Fuel Consumption at Maximum power: 0.643 - 0.652
  • Max. Power at Sea Level (Lbs.): 4,200 - 4,500
  • Bypass Ratio: 2.0
The engine electrical system includes provision for aircraft batteries for starting. A ground power connection with standard connector is also provided for GPU power connection.The instrument panel includes indicator and gauges for the display of:
  • Oil Temperature
  • Oil Pressure
  • Fuel Quantity
  • Fuel Flow
  • Fuel Pressure
  • Engine RPM (N1)
  • Fan RPM (N2)
  • Exhaust Gas Temperature
The control panel is connected to the engine and associated systems by a 20 foot long umbilical cord, to allow the operator to run the engine safely.


The turbine engine trainer is supplied with following training material and technical manuals:
  • User’s Manual
  • Students’ Manual
  • Instructor’s Teaching Resource Kit
  • Turbine Engine IPC
The following can be demonstrated by the AE-33-700 engine trainer:
  • Normal engine operation as accomplished in actual aircraft setting
  • Abnormal engine conditions during start, run up and shutdown
  • Use of engine bleed air for airframe systems and the effect on engine operation
Engine parameter signals and indications:
  • Engine EGT
  • N1 (Engine rpm)
  • N2 (Aft fan RPM)
  • EPR
  • Oil Pressure
  • Oil Temperature
  • Fuel Pressure
  • Fuel Flow
An optional Data Acquisition System may be included which will record the engine parameters during the engine run, and then may be used (in graphical form or tabulated format) for understanding the relationship between various interdependent engine variables.

Besides learning the operation and construction of turbofan engine, the students will also learn about:
  • Fuel control operation and scheduling
  • Ignition system operation and function
  • Speed governor operation
The students can perform the following practical tasks:
  • 300 hours inspection
  • 600 hours inspection
  • Post-inspection run up
  • Indication and control trouble shooting
  • Emergency recovery and shutdown procedures
  • Fuel Control adjustment and rigging

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