AE-31 Aircraft Turboprop Engine Trainer

AeroTrain Corp. Model AE-31 provides a cost-effective training resource for hands-on training in any AMT program. The trainer comes complete with an operational turboprop engine. The engine is connected to propeller assembly including spinner and governor.The engine is operated from a semienclosed test cell cabin that has all the necessary instrumentation and controls to run the engine.

The engines are mounted with all necessary electrical wiring, engine accessories, controls, and instruments that are needed for running the engine. The students may also be trained to remove and replace parts for field level maintenance practice.

A variety of engines are available for Model AE-31. The most popular engine preferred by many training schools in Pratt-Whitney PT6A.

The trainer is supplied with comprehensive documentation comprising of electrical schematics, user manual and training manual

The engine trainer may be mounted on wheels for easy mobility. For fixed installations, the trainer is provided with heavy duty vibration and shear mounts to absorb vibrations.


Trainer Specifications:

Engine Choices:

Pratt & Whitney PT6A Standard. Garrett TPE331, or Walter 601 optional


Exhaust Outlets


Hartzell 3 blade constant speed full feathering reversing propeller


Complete engine electrical system including Starter system, ignition leads, ignition unit, plugs, and battery


All necessary engine monitoring instruments are included. The standard package consists of following instruments::
  • N1 and Prop Tach Indicators
  • Oil Pressure Gauge
  • Oil Temperature Gauge
  • Fuel Pressure Gauge
  • Fuel Flow Indicator
  • Torque Pressure Indicator
  • ITT Indicator
  • Fuel Quantity Gauge
  • Voltmeter
  • Ammeter


Throttle Control, Fuel Setting, and Propeller Control Levers

Control Cabin:

The instruments and controls are housed in a semi-enclosed protective cabin. The cabin has three plexiglass windows in the front and on both sides. Fire Extinguisher mounted in the cabin.


Prop Governor, N1 and Prop Tach Generators, Starter-Generator

  1. Fuel Tank: Various options available for fuel tank capacity
  2. Propeller guard surrounding the propeller to avoid accidents
  3. Custom colors

150 L x 66 D x 97 H inches

*Note: Due to continuous improvements and upgrades, the specifications are subject to change without notice.

Optional Items

Engine Data Acquisition System

The engine data acquisition system, Model AE-31-DAQ, is a real time data capturing system. The complete system includes engine-mounted sensors,signal conditioning circuits, data acquisition hardware,and the customized software that captures several engine parameters in real time.

The engine trainers are supplied with a comprehensive computer-based training (CBT) that covers the JAR 66 compliant engine construction and operation in an easy-to-understand fashion

The CBT provides the opportunity to the students to learn at their own pace the detailed description of the engine, presented in a learner-friendly manner. The text contents are kept to the minimum while high resolution graphics and animations are maximized.

The CBT also provides an easy-to-comprehend description of engine ignition & starting system, engine fuel system, and propeller control system. The visually rich contents are very effective.

By using the CBT with the engine trainer, students can come well prepared to the practical sessions, minimizing the time instructor has to spend explaining the concepts in the noisy background during engine operation. The training package also includes wall charts.

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