AE-09-PT6A Engine Removal & Replacement Trainer

The engine removal and replacement trainer provides hands-on training to the students to perform exactly the same tasks as they would perform on a turbine engine mounted on an aircraft.


Technical Specifications:
The trainer comprises all parts forward of the firewall including:

  • PT6A Turboprop Engine
  • Reversing Propeller (short, three-blade)
  • Governor and Linkages
  • Fuel Nozzles
  • Fuel Control Unit with Linkages
  • All Electrical Connections
  • Firewall on Roll-around Engine Mounting Stand
  • Cowlings
  • Propeller Pull Tool
  • Engine Lift Slings
  • Engine Rigging Tools
  • Hot Section Tool Kit
  • Engine Work Stand
The following items are simulated, but are similar to the real items in appearance and mountings:
  • Starter/Generator
  • Over-speed Governor
  • Engine Push Pull Controls
Manuals and teaching resources:
  • PT6A Engine Maintenance manual
  • Parts catalog
  • Instructor’s Resource CD
  • Computer Based Training for PT6A engine with learning management, for an additional cost

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