AS-10 Hydraulic System Trainer

The Model AS-10 Hydraulic System Trainer provides hands-on training to the students so that they could understand the function, identify components, and troubleshoot a fully functional hydraulic system. Model AS-10 is a complete standalone trainer designed such that each component can be removed, overhauled, reinstalled, and functionally tested. A simulated flight control surface is operated to demonstrate the principle of hydraulic-actuated flight controls. Supplied with CBT to enhance students’ assimilation of hydraulic systems found on modern aircraft.

Product Features:

Fully Functional

All components are operational, removable, and rebuildable. Parts kits for these common components are available through many parts dealers.


The components installed on this completely operational trainer are either new or completely disassembled, resealed, cleaned and painted or chemically treated for years of trouble-free operation.

Actuator Sequencing:

Model AS-10 demonstrates actuator sequencing. The actuator has a hydraulically sequenced double-check ball to time the main actuator with fluid pressure. Electrically switched valve may be installed as an optional item.

Portable Stand:

The ergonomically-designed trainer is configured as vertical standing panel, on caster wheels with brakes. The white backboard and iron frame make this a durable, and presentable trainer.

Training Manuals:

Trainer is supplied with a complete curriculum/operation manual. Both instructor and student manuals are in full color.

Computer-Based Training


The trainer is supplied with free CBT that covers the essential topics in hydraulic training.



  • Fluid Reservoir (various capacities available)
  • Rotary vane or gear hydraulic pump (depending on availability) with electrically driven motor, powered by 110 volt AC/60 Hz or 220V AC/50 Hz
  • Aircraft hydraulic cylinder (dual acting), sequenced by a sequencing valve.
  • Pressure Gauge (direct reading)
  • Check valve
  • 4-way selector valve
  • Hand Pump
  • Filter Assembly
  • Pressure relief valve (adjustable within safe limits for students)
  • Accumulator Assembly
  • Complete curriculum with schematics, and User / Training Manual
  • Large, laminated, colored schematic poster of system plumbing.

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