AS-45 Ice & Rain Protection & Control System Trainer

The Aircraft Ice & Rain Protection and Control System Trainer incorporates all aspects of de-icing and rain protection system found in an aircraft. The trainer offers the opportunity to the students to physically see the various components and assemblies of the system and to understand the interaction between them.

This fully functional trainer incorporates a pneumatic wing de-ice system using a vacuum/pressure ejector boot control valve and pressure switches. An electric motor driven vacuum pump provides system pressure and suction. Propeller deicing is done with an electrically heated propeller boot.A timer control operates the cycle of the propeller de-ice system. Windshield heating is done through internally built heating elements.

Optional Features:
  • Windshield Defogging
  • Electrically Heated Air Foils
  • Pneumatically Heated Air Foils
The system is supplied with computer-based training (CBT) at no additional cost.

AeroTrain trainers may be customized as per customers’ request. We can configure this trainer in a variety of ways, or bench-top placement. If you would like any additional features incorporated in the above system,we will be glad to do so. Please contact AeroTrain for more information.


Training Capabilities:

  • Level 1: Demonstration of each of the six sub-systems
  • Level 2: Functional diagramming (for each sub-system and full system), Trace and draw plumbing & electrical diagrams of the complete system
  • Level 3: Replace lines, Make wing boot repairs

System Features:

  • Aircraft components and assemblies
  • Six separate sub-systems
  • Windshield Wiper System
  • Windscreen Wiper
  • Motor
  • Actuator
  • Wiper Arm and Wiper Blade
  • Windshield Heating System
  • Windshield with heating elements
  • Temperature Control Thermostat
  • Windshield De-Icing (Alcohol Dispensing)
  • Alcohol Tank
  • Alcohol Pump
  • Sprayer
  • Flow regulator
  • Pitot Tube with electrical heating elements
  • Propeller De-Icing System
  • Electrically Heated
  • De-Ice Timer (34 sec.)
  • Brush Block
  • Prop Slip Ring
  • Ammeter
  • De-ice Indicator
  • Propeller Blade with De-ice Boot
  • Pneumatic De-Ice Boot System
  • Vacuum pump
  • Filter assembly
  • Regulator valve
  • Suction Gauge
  • Boot Pressure Gauge
  • Control valve

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