AT-24 ​Instrument Landing System Trainer

Model AT-24 Instrument Landing System (ILS) Trainer is designed to provide hands-on training on a real and operational equipment approved for aircraft installation. The equipment is mounted on a mobile workstation containing aircraft ILS receiver units (Marker, Localizer, and Glide-Slope), NAV/VOR/GS indicator, marker indicator, marker antenna, NAV and Glide-Slope antenna. Aircraft quality electrical shielded wiring, cables, connectors, and harness assemblies are used to interconnect all units. All units are easily removable. The workstation includes two test panel consoles for bench testing of ILS receiver equipment.

The trainer is supplied with a hand-held ramp tester that simulates several signals representing Localizer, Glideslope, and VOR deviations. Also, the tester simulates outer, middle, and inner markers.

Using Model AT-24, Avionics Instructors can effectively teach students on installing, removing, and testing ILS units. Students also develop proper understanding of the system and learn how to troubleshoot the ILS faults.


  • Durable, steel frame, with sturdy casters
  • Accessories storage drawers and cabinet
  • Avionics test panels Honeywell (Bendix-King) ILS Receivers
  • NAV/LOC/GS Indicator
  • Power Supply with voltage and current meters


  • Technical Reference Manuals
  • Students’ Manual
  • Wiring diagram

Computer Based Training (CBT):

Model AT-24 is supplied with CBT covering the relevant topics, at no additional cost.


Our Models AT-20, AT-21, AT-22, AT-23 and AT-24 can be interconnected for enhanced training features to teach how various avionics equipment in aircraft cockpit are integrated for IFR flying.

VOR/LOC/GS Receiver Specifications:

200-channel navigation receiver, with built-in 40 channel Glideslope receiver. Simultaneous display of both active and standby frequencies, which can be flip-flopped by a frequency transfer button. Fully solid-state system employs digital frequency synthesizer.

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