AS-46 Janitrol Combustion Heating System Trainer

The Model AS-46 Janitrol Combustion Heating System Trainer is a complete and a fully functional system.All components are panel mounted to provide a clear visibility and unhindered access to the students.The trainer is mounted on a work-stand with full-swivel caster wheels and brakes for easy mobility.The installed combustion chamber (with jacket) is a fully functional unit. All relevant fuel system components (tank, pump, solenoid valve, metering nozzle) are also installed.

Using the included test set, and the manual, the students will be able to perform all related tests mimicking the work done on actual aircraft.

The instructor’s panel is installed in the rear of the trainer, which allows the instructor to simulate wiring faults like short circuits, open circuits, and system faults. All electrical wiring is of aircraft quality, and is properly labeled like on real aircraft. This makes it easy for the students to identify the wiring on the electrical diagram of the trainer, enabling them to easily troubleshoot the induced fault.

Computer Based-Training (CBT):

The trainer is supplied with CBT courseware covering the relevant topics. The CBT presents the essential concepts in an easy-to-understand explanation together with clear graphic and animations.

Electrical Power:

  • 110V AC at 60 Hz, or 220V AC at 50 Hz.


  • 36 L x 20 D x 72 H inches.
The following items are mounted on the panel:
  • Combustion Chamber with jacket
  • Fuel system components
  • Cycling sensor
  • Adjustable duct sensor
  • Ignition unit
  • Temperature-sensing safety sensor
  • Propeller De-Icing System
  • Air Blower for combustion air (including air pressure switch)
  • Air Blower for ventilation air
  • Cabin heat and defrosting controls
A test set and a mobile cart for the test set is also included.

Manuals / Documentation:

  • Operation Manual
  • Instructor’s Manual
  • Students’ Manual
  • Technical Reference Manual
  • Wiring Diagram

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