AE-21 Runnable Auxiliary Power Unit Trainer

The Runnable Auxiliary Power Trainer Model AE-21 is a combination of an operational APU from a large airplane and computer based training (CBT). This combination not only provides hands-on training, but also reinforces the knowledge gained in classroom lectures. The APU is mounted on a mobile stand with all relevant controls and accessories that facilitate the operation of the APU.


APU Specifications:

  • Power Output: 160 bhp
  • RPM: 40,800
  • Compressor: Two-stage Centrifugal Impellers
  • Combustion Chamber: Reverse Flow Can Type with Single Burner
  • Turbine: Radial Inflow Impeller
  • Starting: Electric Starter
  • Ignition: High Energy
  • Fuel System: Gear Pump with Centrifugal Governor, Acceleration and Temperature Controls
  • Lubrication System: Return Dry-Sump with engine driven Oil
  • Cooler and Blower
  • Layout: Single spool with reduction gearbox, output speed 6,000 rpm.

1st stage and 2nd stage single-entry impellers pressed and pinned on shaft supported in plain bearing at front and in ball bearing at rear. Radial diffuser.pressure ratio 3.3:1, and air mass flow 2.0lb. sec, at 40,800 rpm.

Control System

Electro-pneumatic type. Automatic starting. Acceleration, load and speed controls. Pneumatic exhaust temperature limiter.


200 lb.


Reverse air flow. 1 duplex fuel burner.

Fuel System

AiResearch integral fuel system.Pump, 230 psi, governor, internal relief valve, and flow control.

Fuel consumption

1.7 Ib/shp-hr


Radial inflow type. Turbine wheel with integral shaft supported in 2 ball bearings ahead of wheel. Exhaust temperature 1310 F (710C)

Ignition System

Bendix-Seintilla or G.L.A. ignition. 1igniter.


0.71 shp/lb.


Fixed area single exhaust outlet.


Dry sump system, 90 psi air cooled oil cooler, tank.

Oil Consumption

0.02 phr.

Power take-off

Reduction gearbox at front of unit. Output shaft 6,000 rpm.


31 L x 30 D x 25 H Inches

Rating Max cont.

160shp/40,800 rpm/sea level.

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