Besides supplying training aids, AeroTrain Corp. also offers consulting services for the development of Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) Part 147 and European Aviation Safety Agency (EASA) part 147 approved curricula for aircraft maintenance training schools.

Our services range from Turnkey establishment of AMT programs to customized training solutions based on the specific needs of the customer's school.

Aviation Training Curriculum Development

Our experienced professional consultants can prepare full curriculum documentation for your training institution that will enable you to fully satisfy the Part 147 requirements by either FAA or by EASA. The curriculum documents are up-to-date with the Part 147 requirements in effect at the time of delivery to the customer school.

The curriculum development culminates in the delivery of the following comprehensive documents:
  1. Curriculum Guide
  2. Daily Lesson Plans
  3. Lecture Presentations
  4. Tests/Exams with answer sheets
  5. Lab Exercises
  6. School Policy and Procedures manual

AeroTrain can also undertake establishment of AMT program on a Turn-key basis. We can establish an AMT program starting from inception stage to a fully established and recognized Part 147 training facility.

Curriculum Review

Curriculum design and update is a time consuming job; the teaching staff at a school may not have time to do it themselves. Many schools find themselves in a situation where they know their curriculum needs update, but they not have the time, resources and/or expertise to update their curriculum by themselves. Moreover, the changes in part 147 regulations sometimes require a mandatory change in the curriculum. AeroTrain, with the help of its expert consultants, can undertake the task of curriculum review and update, no matter how wide or narrow is the scope of the required revamp.

Our experts can also undertake auditing an institution for gap analysis and training improvement recommendations

Instructional Resources Development for Aircraft Systems Training

An old established AMT program may not have adequate instructional resources for imparting effective and high quality training to its students. The training resources include training aids, curriculum, and workshop facilities. AeroTrain has the capability to deliver functional aircraft (light single engine aircraft or twin engine business jets) for hands-on training. If the students are required to be training on a specific system or on a specific aircraft, we undertake the design and development of aircraft-specific training aids that includes functional mock-ups, system simulation, and computer based training contents.

CBT Courseware Design and Implementation

AeroTrain has more than ten years experience in the contents development for computer based training (CBT) courseware, specifically designed for aircraft systems training. Using our CBT development capabilities, we can develop special-purpose CBT courseware, in addition to the standard CBTs that we have already produced for aviation training. Our CBTs may be deployed either over a local area network within the campus, or may be delivered via a web server for web-based delivery.

Faculty Development Programs(Training the Instructors)

Aircraft maintenance training requires a specialized knowledge, relevant practical skills, and an educator’s attitude. During our years of interaction with several training institutions, we realized that teaching staff capabilities vary widely. If you would like to enhance the professional capabilities of your teaching staff, AeroTrain can help. We can offer customized courses for teaching staff at customer site, or at AeroTrain facility, or at a third party facility. The training courses can be either technical in nature or can be non-technical, for example Part 147 regulations training.

EASA Part 147 Preparedness Course

Any school aspiring to gain FAA or EASA approval has to go through a systematic audit and evaluation by a competent authority to ensure that the school meets all the requirements as per the Part 147 regulations. AeroTrain offers consultation services to schools in USA or anywhere else in the world for establishing FAA Part 147 or EASA Part 147 compliant training program. The scope of our services is scalable; we can offer a complete turn-key solution or can assist in the specific area that the school needs our help with.

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