AS-01 Tricycle Landing Gear Trainer

The Tricycle Landing Gear Trainer is fitted with actual aircraft parts that includes tires, tubes,wheels, dual Clevel and single-disc brakes,nose-wheel steering mechanism, brake pedals,dual brake-fluid reservoirs, master cylinders and hydraulic plumbing for the brakes.

One of the three shock struts has a cutaway to expose the internal mechanism, while the other two are complete, and functional shock struts.

The trainer is mounted on a frame with caster wheels for easy mobility. As an additional option, the trainer may be fitted with electrical actuators for retraction and extension operation (Model AS-01-E).
(Model AS-01 shown without the caster wheels)

Computer Based-Training (CBT):

The trainer is bundled with CBT covering the relevant topics, that explain the essential concepts in an easy-tounderstand explanation together with clear graphic and animations.

The Model AS-01 Tricycle Landing Gear Trainer can be used by students for hands-on training related to light aircraft landing gears.

The students’ task may include:
  • Inspection and maintenance of nose wheel steering mechanism
  • Shock strut inspection and maintenance
  • Shock strut disassembly and reassembly, and Hydraulic brakes inspection and maintenance.

48L x 48W x 64H inches

Manuals & Documentation:

  • Operation/Maintenance manual
  • Instructor’s manual
  • Student’s manual
  • Technical reference manual
  • Wiring diagram (for Model AS-01-E)

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