AS-11 Turbine Fuel System Trainer

Model AS-11 Turbine Fuel System Trainer is specially designed to allow trainees to understand the fundamentals of turbine fuel system components and how they are interconnected in a typical aircraft fuel system. The system is mounted on a mobile stand.

This completely functional Turbine Fuel System Trainer includes a capacitance fuel system, with multiple probes set at different angles to demonstrate non-linear fuel quantity indications. Capacitance fuel quantity fuel system comes with a wing tank and all associated plumbing.

This functional fuel system is designed to represent a complete turbine engine fuel system. It includes a fuel management panel, fuel transfer system and capacitance fuel quantity indicating system. An instructor’s panel is included allowing faults to be added to assist in teaching troubleshooting.

The fuel system panel includes fuel quantity indicators,a fuel transfer selector valve, fuel transfer and low fuel warning lights, fuel pressure and flow indicators, and complete fuel system drawings.

The turbine fuel system trainer includes an electric fuel boost pump, engine driven fuel pump (either constant or variable displacement), screen type fuel filter with pressure bypass, fuel control unit, duplex turbine fuel nozzle inside a clear enclosed container, and a dump valve.

Computer Based Training (CBT)

The trainer is provided with CBT that explains the fuel system and its components with visually rich contents for better understanding.
The CBT includes EASA Part 66 compliant contents, and includes learning management system (LMS) Note: Due to continuous product updates, specifications are subject to change without notice.


  • Fully functional and configured like a typical turbine engine aircraft fuel system.
  • Instructor’s panel for introduction of usual system faults and errors (at least 10 simulated faults)
  • Aircraft hydraulic cylinder (dual acting), sequenced by a sequencing valve.
  • Training manuals including troubleshooting charts, explanatory text, symbols charts, wiring diagrams, flow schematics, and component cut-away diagrams.
  • Includes overhead transparencies and laminated fuel system drawings.
  • Works with 28 volt DC power or with an APU.
  • Designed with aircraft parts


The trainer is designed using actual aircraft parts,including:
  • Fuel quantity indicator
  • Fuel quantity sender / transmitter
  • Fuel flow/pressure gauge
  • Electric fuel transfer/boast pump
  • Fuel transfer selector valve
  • Fuel filter
  • Fuel lines both flexible and metal lines
  • Circuit breakers switches and electrical components

Training Materials:

The following training resources are provided with the system:
  • User’s Manual
  • Students’ Study Guide
  • Instructional Resource Kit
  • CBT
  • Troubleshooting charts
  • Explanatory Notes
  • Wiring Diagrams
  • Fuel Flow Schematics
  • Components Diagrams

Power Requirements:

  • 110/220 volts AC 50/60 Hz


  • 52 L x 20 D x 75 H inches

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