AE-06 Turbofan Engine JT8D Cutaway

Cutaway Features:
  • Non runnable cutaway on engine stand with casters

Fan Discharge Section:
  • Cross section against outer ducts and the outer surface of the inner ducts, and basic engine cases and bearing operation, form the annular duct air passage for fan discharge air to flow to the rear of the engine.

Turbine section:
  • Cross section against four turbine rotors stages: a single stage which drives the rear (high pressure) compressor rotors and a three stage unit which drives the front (low compressor rotor and bearing operation.

Compressor Section:
  • Cross section front compressor to rear compressor rotor. The front compressor (N1) is driven by the second, third,and fourth stage turbines through the front compressor driver (long) turbine shaft at N1 rotation speed and bearing operation.

Combustion section:
  • Cross section against the combustion chambers number four and seven chambers have spark igniter bosses including spark plug, exciter and harness.

Line Replacement Unit
  • Starter motor turns freely to demonstrate phased operation of compressor and turbine.
  • Fuel control unit to demonstrate engine rigging.
  • Complete cross section of pipe lines for fuel system, oil system, and pneumatic system to demonstrate flow operation of those systems.


Engine Specifications:

  • Axial-flow front turbofan engine (dual-spool)
  • Low bypass turbofan
  • Two coaxially-mounted independent rotating assemblies
  • Low pressure compressor (LPC) stages: six (six pairs of rotating and stator blades, including the first two stages for the bypass turbofan)
  • The second (downstream) turbine stages: Three
  • High-pressure compressor (HPC) stages: seven
  • The first (upstream) turbine stage: single
  • Front-mounted bypass fan (two stages)
  • Annular discharge duct for the bypass fan (along the full length of the engine)
  • Thrust range from 12,250 to 17,400 pounds-force (62 to 77 kN) (to be determined by engine version and availability.)
  • Combustion chambers: Nine
  • Combustion Chamber: Can-annular
  • Combustion chamber air inlet holes: three (for cooling, burning, and for forming an air blanket)
  • Bypass fan diameter: 39.9 inches
  • Fan pressure ratio: 1.92
  • Overall engine pressure ratio: 15.4

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