AE-07-PT6A Turboprop Engine PT6A Cutaway

The Pratt-Whitney PT6A is a popular engine for maintenance training. Its operation is simple and easy to explain. The engine utilizes two independent turbines, one driving a compressor in the gas generator section, the second driving reduction gearing for the propeller.AeroTrain Model AE-07 is a PT6A-20 cutaway mounted on a roll-around stand. The machined cutaway shows the internal stages of the engine.

Cutaway Features:
  • Engine cutaway mounted on a stand with casters
  • The cutaway provides a clear view of the:
  • Turbine section
  • Compressor Section
  • Combustion section
Cutaway coloring scheme provides easy identification of engine sections.

The Model AE-07 is powered by a free turning AC motor to demonstrate the phased operation of compressor and turbine.


Engine Specifications:

Engine Ratings: The engine ratings and power lever and propeller lever settings are as follows:

Take-off: This rating is the maximum power permissible and corresponds to 550 SHP at sea level up to 21 degrees C ambient temperature. The maximum allowable output torque must not be exceeded.

Maximum Continuous: This rating corresponds to 550 SHP up to 21 degrees C ambient temperature, sea level, static conditions. It is intended for emergency use only.

Maximum Climb: This rating corresponds to 538 SHP at sea level, standard day (15 degrees C ambient temperature) and is the maximum power approval for normal climb.

Maximum Cruise: This is the maximum approved power for cruising and is 495 SHP at sea level, standard day.

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