AS-13 Aircraft Hydraulic System Trainer

The Model AS-13 Aircraft Hydraulic System Trainer is a complete and functional hydraulic system trainer equipped with actual aircraft parts and accessories. All components and indicating instrumentation of the system are fully functional.

The Aircraft Hydraulic System Trainer provides hands-on training to students; the hands-on training covers practical instructions and operations using manual hydraulic actuations. The objective is to provide a handson training resource to the students so that they could understand the function, identify components, and troubleshoot a fully functional hydraulic system. The system is installed with safety features and warning signs for safe operation by the students under instructor’s supervision.

Computer Based Training Software:

The Model AS-13 Hydraulic System Trainer is supplied with an interactive Computer Based Training (CBT) courseware. The CBT covers the basic topics in hydraulics, as well as the topics as per EASA Module 11.11 Indication and warning systems;

Basic Principles of Hydraulics:

  • Pascal's Law
  • Hydraulic Pressure and Force
  • Simple Hydraulic System Operation
  • Hydraulic Brakes
  • Hydraulic NRV
  • EASA Module 11.11:
  • System layout;
  • Hydraulic fluids;
  • Hydraulic reservoirs and accumulators;
  • Pressure generation: electric, mechanical,pneumatic;
  • Emergency pressure generation;
  • Pressure Control;
  • Power distribution;
The CBT also provides interactive contents that replicate the Model AS-13 Aircraft Hydraulic System Trainer and its schematic, as installed on the trainer.


The Model AS-13 Aircraft Hydraulics Trainer can be used to demonstrate the following hydraulic systems:

  • Landing gear
  • Flap
  • Spoiler/Speed Brake
The following components are included in the Model AS-13:
  • Hydraulic reservoir
  • Hydraulic pump
  • Hydraulic actuator
  • Hydraulic pressure indicator
  • Hydraulic selector valve
  • Landing Gear strut
  • Flap control surface
  • Spoiler/Speed brake control surface
  • Relief valve
  • Non-return valve
  • All related miscellaneous components,connectors, and plumbing

Manuals / Documentation:

  • Operation Manual
  • Instructor Manual
  • Students’ Study Guide


75 L x 40 D x 60 H inches


110V AC or 220V AC

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