​AT-25 Aircraft Weather Radar System Trainer

Model AT-25 Weather Radar Trainer utilizes an actual general aviation weather radar to provide practical training to the students. The Weather Radar Trainer is designed to provide hands-on training on a real and operational equipment approved for aircraft installation. The radar indicator, associated power supplies, and test panel is mounted on a mobile workstation. The transmitter/receiver unit fitted with antenna is provided with the necessary attachments to position the antenna at an appropriate location during system operation.


  • Digital weather radar system
  • Color radar system with vertical profile display of weather information
  • Consisting of indicator, and receiver/transmitter
  • Solid-state Four color display
  • Enables user to overlay navigation and weather information simultaneously when used with a graphics unit and compatible moving map GPS or Flight Management System
  • Microprocessor based antenna stabilization
  • Extended Sensitivity Time Control logic automatically correlates target distance with intensity
  • High-reliability design with magnetron life of 8000 hours


  • Technical Reference Manuals
  • Students’ Manual
  • Wiring diagram

Computer Based Training (CBT):

Model AT-25 is supplied with CBT covering the relevant topics, at no additional cost.


The weather radar trainer can be interfaced with our Model IT-02 EFIS Trainer to further expand its training value and to enhance the capabilities.

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