​APT-04 Autopilot / Automatic Flight Controls Trainer

AeroTrain Corp. is dedicated to bridging the gap between classroom instruction and practical, handson training. Our Model APT-04 Autopilot/ Automatic Flight Controls Trainer is an excellent resource for teaching the principles of automatic flight controls by demonstration using a complete system that encompasses all the aspects of autopilot and automatic flight controls. Model APT-4 is representative of autopilot systems used on large commercial aircraft.

Model APT-4-A consists of three axes flight control computer, Mode Controller, Mode Annunciator, Pitch / Yaw / Roll servos, Flight Director, and a magneticslaved HSI System integrated with cockpit controls and includes control linkages to the control surfaces of a model aircraft.

The visual display of realistic effects enhances the perception and understanding of flight controls.

The trainer, in the standard configuration consists of a large model airplane with all the main control surfaces (rudder, elevator, aileron and trim). Model APT-4-A is equipped with a complete control mechanism linked to a control yoke and rudder pedals. Any movement in control yoke and rudder pedals results in the proportional movement of the control surfaces.

The system may be interfaced with a compatible EFIS system and will accept inputs from a variety of navigation equipment.

The autopilot equipment used in Model APT-04 borrows technology from the flight control systems developed for high-end business jets and commercial aircraft. The simplicity of design and ease-of-use gives instructors and AMT trainees an ideal teaching and hands-on learning resource to fully explore all the features of an advanced autopilot system.

The Model APT-04 Autopilot Trainer is based on Honeywell (Bendix/King) Flight Control System. This autopilot system is an integrated autopilot system combining the functions of the flight computer, mode selector, altitude pre-selector, annunciator and yaw damper into one single system.The system features a manual and automatic trim operation, not found in low-end autopilot systems.

The installed equipment offers smooth performance which is typical of expensive, high-end flight control systems. The finely tuned equipment and sensors incorporated into the system draw upon Honeywell’s significant flight control experience, allowing the system to capture and hold altitudes or an ILS glide-slope with precision resulting in a smooth, attitude-based flight.

Ordering Information:

  • Model APT-04-A: Advanced Autopilot trainer with a model airplane hook up.
  • Model APT-04-B: Autopilot trainer with an airplane template hook-up.


Educational Value For Instructors:

  • Describe building blocks of a modern autopilot system.
  • Demonstrate the function of each subsystem.
  • Demonstrate the functionality of flight controls in manual mode.
  • Demonstrate the complete functionality of flight controls in autopilot mode.
  • Demonstrate how an autopilot system is maintained.
  • Introduce faults in the system for students to troubleshoot.

Educational Value For Students:

  • Understand the functionality of an autopilot system by actually operating a real system.
  • Monitor and measure signals at test points.
  • Perform system testing.
  • Troubleshoot system faults.
  • Remove/install various components.
  • Have unlimited and continuous access to autopilot training contents through computer-based training provided free with the system.

Equipment and LRUs

  • Remote-mounted, magneticslaved Directional Gyro
  • Flight Computer
  • Magnetic Slaving Transmitter
  • Roll Servo
  • Yaw Servo
  • Pitch servo
  • Pitch Trim Servo
  • Vacuum Pump
  • Avionics Blower

Instrument Panel:

  • Flight Director
  • Horizontal Situation Indicator
  • Mode selector
  • Yaw Mode Selector
  • Slaving Control
  • Aural warning Horn


  • Control Yoke
  • Two Rudder Pedals
  • Circuit Breaker Panel
  • Switch Panel
  • Instructor’s panel for Fault Insertion


  • System Wiring Diagram
  • Technical Manual
  • User’s / Operating Manual
  • Computer-based Training (CBT)

Interfacing / Expansion:

  • Interface connectors provided for integration with EFIS, and with our Model AT-01 Avionics Trainer.

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