APT-02 ​Autopilot Trainer

The autopilot trainer model APT-02 is configured with S-TEC two-axis autopilot. The autopilot trainer is laid out to provide a clear view of the entire system to the students. The autopilot servos are attached to sections of control surfaces to replicate the control surface movements of a real aircraft. The tilt/turn mechanism can effortlessly simulate various flight attitudes.

The trainer provides the students with a good understanding about the following:

Operating principle of an autopilot
How feedback signals are generated using gyro and absolute pressure transducer.
Effect of sensor feedback signals on autopilot operation and control
Operation of electrical servos
Interaction between manual control and automatic flight control
Characteristics of various autopilot modes of operation
Troubleshooting various electrical faults in the autopilot system
Mechanical linkages between autopilot servos and control surfaces
Maintenance and rigging of the mechanical linkages in an autopilot system
A fault insertion panel allows the instructor to insert faults in the system to provide troubleshooting training to the students.

Included Equipment

The autopilot trainer includes the following items:
  • The Programmer/Computer unit
  • Turn Coordinator
  • Directional Gyro
  • Roll Servo
  • Pitch Servo
  • NAV/ILS Simulator
  • VOR and Localizer indicator
  • Pressure Transducer (for simulated altitude)
  • Altimeter
  • Magnetic Compass

The following documentation is provided with the trainer:

The autopilot derives the Attitude and Heading Reference System (AHRS) information from built-in sensors. The AHRS sensors include:
  • System Wiring Diagram
  • Technical Manual
  • User’s / Operating Manual

Computer-Based Training (CBT)

The trainer can be supplied with a comprehensive Computer-based Training (CBT) courseware to enhance students’ understanding and to provide the essential knowledge about autopilots used in small and large airplanes at an additional cost.

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