AS- 42 Cabin Pressurization Trainer

The Cabin Pressurization System simulates the function of a complete aircraft cabin atmosphere and pressurization control system. The trainer is manufactured using fully functional aircraft components. Due to the close proximity of all the components, students can comprehend how the total system works and how the interaction between various components regulates the cabin environment.The trainer has two sealed chambers simulating altitude and cabin pressure. The vacuum chamber can simulate altitude up to approximately 22,000 ft. above the mean sea level. The cabin chamber simulates the pressurized aircraft cabin, and contains cabin components.

Computer Based Training (CBT)

The trainer is supplied with computer-based training (CBT) at no additional cost.

AeroTrain Corp. specializes in customized aircraft systems trainers. If you would like any additional features incorporated in the above system, we will be glad to do so. Please contact AeroTrain for more information.

System Features:

  • Altitude controlled in vacuum chamber
  • Pressure monitored in “cabin” chamber
  • Operates from 115/ 220 VAC electrical power
  • 24 VDC power supply included
  • Aircraft components
  • Differential controller
  • Rate of climb indicator
  • Altimeter
  • Cabin pressure sensor
  • Vacuum chamber (altitude simulator)
  • Cabin pressure chamber (cabin simulator)
  • Regulator (simulates air to cabin)
  • Cabin dump valve
  • Regulating valve

Product Features:

  • Complete functional system mounted on a vertical standing panel
  • Crew Oxygen System
  • Passenger Oxygen System
  • System Controls and Indications
  • Drop-down mask system


  • Tubular steel frame on casters
  • Choice of color (frame only)
  • Reinforced acrylic chambers (easily observed valve operation)
  • Aluminum panels
  • 52 L x 30 D x 72 H
  • Weight: 450 lbs. Approx.

Training Capabilities/Suggestions:

  • Total system in one close proximity configuration
  • Daltons and Boyles Laws
  • Team orientated up to 10 students
  • Provides LEVEL 1,2 and limited LEVEL 3 training
  • 52 L x 30 D x 72 H
  • Weight: 450 lbs. Approx.

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