IT-01 ​Cockpit Instrumentation Trainer

Aircraft Instruments Trainer Model IT-01 is manufactured by AeroTrain Corp. for a full functional demonstration of the actual instruments used in aircraft. It includes standard flight instruments, engine instruments, and Pitot-Static instruments. All instruments and systems are fully functional. The trainer is not only a tool for the instructor to demonstrate working principles, it also provides hands-on training to students. As an option, flight line or workshop test equipment for the instruments may be supplied for hands-on maintenance training. The Model IT-01 Aircraft Cockpit Instrumentation Trainer is a functional simulation of an aircraft cockpit. It includes essential flight and engine instruments. All indicating systems are fully functional.The system provides demonstration of the proper functioning of gyros, altimeter, and the standard engine instruments.It can also be used for teaching instrument removal and replacement. All of the systems are completely plumbed and functional. Included is a provision for conducting pitotstatic system checks through a pitot test port and a static test port.

Our newly designed version has an elegant mechanism for instrument panel tilt, turn, and swivel to fully demonstrate gyro function. An aircraft control yoke is installed to move the instruments panel, thereby simulating changes in aircraft attitude.

AeroTrain is always willing to accommodate customers’ request for a customized training solution if our standard products do not completely address the customers’ needs.

The trainer is mounted on a moveable stand. The trainer comes complete with a User and Training manual.Model IT-01 requires only 110 V (60 Hz) or 220 V (50 Hz) AC power for its operation. Overall dimensions are approximately 37 L x 19 D x 75 H inches

Computer-Based Training (CBT):

The training value of the instruments trainer can be substantially enhanced by ordering the optional CBT covering the relevant topics.

Ordering Information:

  • Model IT-01: Standard model with conventional instruments, and electric gyros
  • Model IT-01V: Standard model with conventional instruments, and vacuum gyros


Flight Instruments:

  • Directional Gyro (Vacuum or Electric options)
  • Attitude Gyro & Indicator (Artificial Horizon - Vacuum or Electric options)
  • Airspeed Indicator
  • Turn and slip indicator (Vacuum or Electric options)
  • Altimeter
  • Rate of Climb Indicator (Vertical Speed Indicator)
  • Suction gauge for gyro (if vacuum gyros are used)

Pitot-Static System:

  • Pitot tube
  • Fuselage side static port
  • Alternate static port
  • Static source selector
  • Two Test Ports for Pitot-Static Test Set
  • Pitot Test Selector Switch
  • Static Test Selector Switch

Electronic Simulation of Sensors:

  • Oil Temperature
  • Manifold Pressure
  • Engine RPM
  • Oil Pressure (if installed)

Engine Instruments:

  • Engine RPM Indicator
  • Manifold Pressure Gauge
  • Oil Temperature Indicator
  • Oil Pressure (if electric gyros are used)
  • Suction Gauge (if vacuum gyros are used)


  • Yoke for roll/pitch/yaw movement control
  • Throttle Control Lever
  • RPM Control Lever
  • Altitude Simulation Control Valve
  • Climb/Decent Selector
  • Climb/Descent Simulation Control Valve
  • Vacuum Gauge (if vacuum gyro installed)


  • Vacuum filter and vacuum pump
  • Vacuum pressure regulator
  • T&B Vacuum Regulator (if vacuum gyro installed)

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