AE-04-250 Cutaway Turboshaft

Model AE-04-250 is a cutaway Allison 250 turboshaft engine mounted on a mobile bench. The Allison 250 is a very popular turboshaft engine. Its simple design makes it a valuable training aid.

The Model AE-04-250 cutaway is motorized with an electric motor. The engine is mounted on a roll-aroundbenchtop. The machined cutaway shows the internal stages of the engine.

The Model AE-04-250 is powered by a freely turning AC Motor to demonstrate the phased operation of the compressor and turbine.


Cutaway Features:

  • Motorized cutaway on engine stand with casters
  • Cutaway provides a clear view of the:
  • Turbine section
  • Compressor Section
  • Combustion section
  • Gearbox
Cutaway coloring scheme provides easy identification of engine section. The students can gain a thorough familiarization with engine construction, assembly, and operation.

Engine Features:

  • Six-Stage Axial Compressor
  • Centrifugal Impeller
  • Combustion Chamber: Single Can with Single Burner
  • Compressor Turbine: 2 Stage Axial
  • Power Turbine: 2 Stage Axial with 5.8:1 reduction gear
  • Layout: Twin Spool Turboshaft with combined accessory and output gearbox

Optional Item:

The cutaway engine can be supplied with high-quality computer based training (CBT) courseware at an additional cost. The CBT covers the turboshaft engine construction and operation in detail with rich multimedia content. The CBT may be used by students for self-paced learning, and it may also be used by instructors to present high-quality graphics and animations during the classroom lecture.

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