AS-24 Fire Detection & Extinguishing Trainer

This fully functional fire detection and extinguishing system incorporates the continuous loop and spot detectors with corresponding controls, indication, and test circuits. This dual sensor simulator features the two predominant systems in the aerospace industry. The extinguisher discharges shop air upon activation of the system. Systems trainer provides a hands-on resource for troubleshooting faults that can be introduced by the instructor to challenge the student.

Typically, the bottle charge is maintained by a breakable seal. We use shop air to discharge from the flexible hose, simulating a bottle discharge.



  • Control unit
  • Loop detector
  • Fenwall spot detector
  • Electromech guarded and unguarded switches and lights
  • Resetable Discharge Indicator
  • Smoke Detection System
  • Fenwall spot detector sensor hybrid into the fire detection alarm system.
  • Fire warning lights
  • Fire warning horn with latching horn-silencing relay switch-found on large transports
  • Continuous-loop temperature sensor and control box
  • All electrical wires marked with ATA codes corresponding to the electrical schematics provided.
  • The alarm system is the same as found in all single-engine through four-engine transports
  • Press-to-test illuminated switch wired to reset the system after discharge
  • Guarded “fire extinguish discharge” illuminated switch
  • Complete full color operations manual
  • Electrical schematics with lecture notes corresponding to the colored overhead transparencies
  • Fire extinguisher bottle pressure gauge is wired into the system giving a simulated bottle pressure; full or empty indication dependent upon system condition includes automatic reset.

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