SIP-C172 ​Simulated Cockpit Panel for Cessna 172

The system is powered by 28VDC. Maintenance manuals are supplied for all the equipment. Interconnect diagrams and panel    circuit and layout diagrams are also provided. Wiring harnesses in the trainer are representative of aircraft standards in hardware and wiring / looming techniques.

The manuals supplied with the trainer facilitate the students in performing Interconnect Checkout, Functional Checks, and Troubleshooting. All interconnection are by ARINC429. All aircraft system components are approved to FAA TSO standards or approved by STC for installation in at least one aircraft type. The signal simulator supplied with test panels, patching panels, harnesses, computer controlled simulator and means of navigation data entry so as to allow demonstration of typical dynamic displays and full testing of system. A commercially available test set or, alternatively, a custom-built 19 inch panel is supplied.

The cockpit panel includes the following:

  • Wet Compass
  • Annunciator Panel
  • VOR 1
  • VOR 2
  • ADF
  • Altimeter (Inches or Metric Pressure Scale)
  • Vertical Speed Indicator
  • Warning Panel
  • Tachometer
  • Altitude Indicator
  • Heading Indicator w. Autopilot heading bug
  • Airspeed Indicator
  • Turn and Bank Indicator
  • Digital Clock
  • Fuel Indicator (Left & Right)
  • EGT / Fuel Flow Indicator
  • Oil Temp. / Pressure Indic.
  • Suction Gauge/Ammeter
  • Cessna style Yoke
  • Circuit Breaker Panel
  • Keyswitch (5 position incl.starter)
  • Master Switch (Alt. & Battery)
  • Circuit Breakers
  • Switches Panel
  • Avionics Master Switches
  • Circuit Breakers
  • Light Regulation
  • Static Air Switches
  • Turn Indicator
  • Turn Wheel
  • Throttle (with Friction Lock)
  • Mixture (with Learning)
  • Expansion for Prop. Adjust
  • Flap Indicator
  • Flap Switch
  • Expansion for 2nd Yoke
  • Tank Switch
  • Fuel Shut Off Switch
  • Audio Panel
  • NAV/COM 1
  • NAV/COM 2
  • Digital DME
  • Transponder
  • ADF
  • Autopilot
  • Panel Size: 46.5 L x 28.5 D x 27 H inches
  • Weight: 55 lbs.
  • Voltage: 110/230V AC, 50/60Hz. @ 300W
  • PC Connections: USB
  • PC with all required software and hardware is included.
The Model IT-01-E is fitted with the following sensors:
  • CHT Thermocouples (Qty. 4)
  • EGT Thermocouples (Qty. 4)
  • Oil Temperature Sensor
  • Manifold Pressure Sensor
  • Fuel Level Sensor
  • Ammeter Shunt
  • OAT Sensor
  • Pitot-static Tube
  • Fuel Flow Sensor
  • Oil Pressure Sensor
  • Fuel Pressure Sensor
  • Engine RPM Sensor
As an optional upgrade, the trainer may also if be fitted with a navigation system simulator which will provide necessary signals to simulate ILS, VOR, and GPS inputs for EFIS display. Please contact AeroTrain to get the pricing for this option.

The Model IT-01-E also contains standby instruments. The minimum list of standby gauges installed is: Additional instruments may be installed on the panel if the customer wishes to teach both conventional and
  • Standby Attitude Gyro and Indicator
  • Standby Directional Gyro / Heading Indicator
  • Standby Airspeed Indicator
  • Standby Altimeter
  • Standby Vertical Speed Indicator
  • Standby Warning System Indicator
electronic instruments using the same trainer. The optional conventional instruments (in addition to standby instruments listed above) include:

Ordering Information:

  • Model IT-01-E: EFIS and EMS added to the Standard model (IT-01, )
  • Model IT-01-E1: Model IT-01-E with additional conventional

Power Supply:

110 V (60 Hz) AC or 220-230V (50 Hz) AC
  • Turn & Bank Indicator
  • Engine RPM Indicator
  • Manifold Pressure Indicator
  • Oil Temperature Indicator
  • Oil Pressure Indicator


  • 37 L x 22 D x 75 H inches

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